What is HSK?

HSK is an international standardized Chinese language proficiency exam to measure the ability of non-native speakers to communicate in Chinese. It has six levels, which correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF).


Why should I take the HSK test (Chinese language proficiency test)?


Passing the HSK is required to study in any Mandarin teaching universities, including those in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore.

For Studying Abroad

For Job Opportunities in Your Country

Chinese market is undeniably huge, and HSK is your ticket to that market because it recognizes your Chinese language proficiency and knowledge about Chinese culture, which are the pre-requisites for doing business with the Chinese community.

For Job Opportunities Overseas

Have you ever felt like wherever you go, there are always Chinese locals (not Chinese tourists). That’s right! - Chinese make up for the largest immigrant population in the world. Thus, it’s no surprise to see a huge Chinese community outside of China, like in Vancouver. You will definitely stand out if you show your employer your HSK Level 4 certificate. In places where the official language is Chinese - China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore - you will definitely need certification for certain jobs in specific sectors!

For the Most Efficient Way to
Learn Mandarin

Are you tired of searching for good videos on Youtube to learn Mandarin while feeling like you are going nowhere? You learn Mandarin because you want to speak it eventually. But what’s the point of learning it without seeing your achievements - which will encourage you to move forward?

HSK is the best solution for your frustration of going nowhere in your journey to master this language because it allows you to learn systematically - from being able to express yourself in Mandarin (level 1-2,  beginner level) to converse fluently in Mandarin (level 3-4, Intermediate level), and finally to become an expert on Mandarin (level 5–6, advanced level)!

Where to take the HSK Test?


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